Chicago Fire: Miranda Rae Mayo Explains Why Stella Didn’t Call or Text Severide


Chicago Fire, the NBC firefighter drama that airs on Wednesdays every week to delight fans with its riveting stories, is currently on a temporary hiatus from airing season 10 from the end of January, but he plans to be back from February 23. (Season 10 spoilers)

The series that follows the members of the Windy City Battalion 51 and their relationships on and off the job, has been delivering a very compelling story arc for Stella Kidd for the first wave of Season 10 episodes. The 51st Battalion lieutenant played by Miranda Rae Mayo, was away from the team for a long time and never answered calls or messages from her fiancé Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney).

Recall that during the first eight episodes of the tenth installment of Chicago Fire, Stella Kidd stayed on tour while taking her show Girls on Fire to other cities. All fans know how important it is for her to move forward in this aspect, but due to her lack of communication with Severide, the romantic relationship between them was about to end. In addition, her boss Boden Wallace hoped she would speak out as to whether or not she wanted to take over the vacant position left by Matt Casey.

The truth is that the absence of Stella Kidd was felt in Chicago Fire. While Severide and Boden expected her to answer the overwhelming number of calls and messages, the lieutenant never did. It was with episode 9 of season 10 which aired in December, when Stella returned to battalion 51 and as expected, she did not receive a warm welcome home.

Severide maintained a cold demeanor during Stella’s arrival, as she waited for answers and reasons why she ignored her calls since she left on her tour. Fans were very aware of this conflict, thinking that their romance could have been coming to an end at that time. Although there was tension, fortunately there was no break and therefore the wedding commitment remains, although it is not believed to happen in the near future.

But, if there is something that stood out during the conversation between Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide, it was the justification that she gave for refusing to answer the constant messages and calls from her fiancé. Chicago Fire fans witnessed Rae Mayo’s character admit that she had made a serious mistake by not answering calls or messages all this time, claiming that she had panicked as she felt she didn’t need to finalize her future for the moment.

Stella Kidd actress Miranda Rae Mayo explained to CinemaBlend why Stella Kidd didn’t call or text Kelly Severide. Before they reconciled in episode 10 of the tenth season of Chicago Fire, the fan favorite justified the reasons that led to her character not communicating and leaving Severide temporarily. This explained to the medium:

“I think honestly, he was talking about the lieutenant position [the one Casey left] being open, and she was like, ‘Oh my God, OK. I have to choose right now.’ And she froze,” she explained. May. “She didn’t have an answer, and instead of communicating, like, ‘This is what’s going on.’ At the same time, she’s running the show [Girls on Fire], and her days are packed. I think she wasn’t sure.”

“Have you ever been through that, where you haven’t answered someone but you know it’s okay, even if they don’t, and then there comes a time when it’s like, ‘Oh sh*t, it’s been so long and now it’s rude, although I wasn’t trying to be rude. May added. “And I think instead of texting or calling her back at the time, she was like, ‘I have to go home. I have to get home. And I have to talk to him face-to-face.'”