Chicago Fire: Know which are the 3 actors who have appeared in all the episodes


Thanks to its plot, Chicago Fire has a fire station full of actors. This One Chicago franchise has become one of Dick Wolf’s most popular works, and with good reason, since its debut began in 2012, which is why its tenth season is currently airing.

As is normal throughout this and any drama throughout its seasons, many actors have passed through this great cast, and just as we have seen new faces, familiar characters have also left the show. Chicago Fire stars Taylor Kinney, Christian Stolte, Eamonn Walker and Joe Minoso.

This NBC drama features a wide collection of different personalities and abilities, all of which make Chicago Fire that much more interesting. Because of the style of this drama, not all the characters are full-timers, while some have side jobs, such as waiters, while others act as paramedics.

At Chicago Fire we have seen how some members have received promotions, transfers and losses in the line of duty. While others have romantic relationships with their co-workers. Despite all the success the drama has been receiving because of the changes it has undergone, there are three characters that have been appearing in each and every episode so far.

According to the sources, these important actors are Taylor Kinney, Christian Stolte and Eammon Walker. Kinney plays Kelly Severide and is a shift lieutenant at Firehouse 51. Severide was the youngest recruit to join the squad at the age of 23 and is a close personal friend of Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer).

Stolte plays Randall McHolland, another seasoned firefighter and one of the most senior members of Truck 81. He also appeared on Chicago P.D. for his romantic entanglement with Trudy Platt (Amy Morton).

Walker stars as Chief Wallace Boden, whose total commitment to firefighting has earned him the respect of his co-workers. Without a doubt, these actors have become great pillars of the plot of Chicago Fire.