Chicago Fire 9×9: a character leaves the squad


A turnaround has caught the attention of fans in this 9th season of Chicago Fire. The departure of one of the most acclaimed characters in the series was sudden and shocked fans in the episode, even if it is for her to seize an opportunity in her career.

Although we’re not sure yet that she really won’t be back on the show, saying goodbye wasn’t easy.

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More details of the 9×9 episode of Chicago Fire

Mackey was one of the new firefighters of the 9th season. Throughout the first few episodes, she struggled to find her place in the squad, but managed to get along with the whole team. Brett was like a mentor to her and Gallo could even be a romantic match for the character.

However, she was given the chance to transfer to another department that would be a great career opportunity. In addition to not having to worry about Cruz’s safety, which has already hindered her work a few times, she would also have more space to grow professionally.

Mackey talks to Cruz and explains why she needs to leave. He understands her motives, as do Brett and Boden, although they say she will be missed by the squad. Finally, we just need to talk to Gallo.

The two were not exactly engaged. They only got together a few times. However, even so, Gallo is extremely upset by Mackey’s departure. The two had a lot of chemistry between them and were a good match, a plot that could easily be developed over the next episodes of Chicago Fire.

But it looks like Gallo won’t have that much time to process his possible girlfriend’s departure. After all, the person who will replace Mackey in the squad is Violet, her ex. The two broke up when Gallo proposed to her and she refused. Soon, working together again will be a challenge for the couple, mainly because there are still sparks of feelings between them.

Meanwhile, an old trauma seems to be getting in the way of Casey. In season 2 of the series, he suffered an accident that caused an epidural hematoma on his head. At the time, he was warned that any injury at the same location could be fatal, but he decided not to tell any of his colleagues about it.

After so long, he had practically forgotten about the injury. However, he started to feel very dizzy and lack of memory, which may have to do with the trauma of so many years ago.

Regarding Mackey’s departure, it is not yet certain that she will not return to the series. Therefore, it is worth keeping an eye on the site so as not to miss any details about it!

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