Chicago Fire 9×7: Casey and Severide working on mission


This week, emotions and suspense have taken over Chicago. The 9×7 episode of Chicago Fire showed a little more about Captain Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Lieutenant Severide (Taylor Kinney) challenging themselves on an impressive hunt.

While firefighters during the day, they act as crime fighters when they do not have to deal with the dangerous fires to which they are subjected. Continuing with the 9th season of the series, viewers were even more curious with the closing of the 7th episode.

So don’t miss any details with our recap!

Learn all about the 9×7 episode of Chicago Fire


The title “Dead of Winter” takes place during one of the coldest times of the year: winter. There is snow all over the city and also many mysteries that need to be solved.

In addition to the emotional conflicts between the main characters, the audience watches a series of very interesting events involving Casey and Severide.

It is noteworthy to watch the two come together in a way full of rhythm, working together and strengthening the friendship built over the episodes. Perhaps here is one of the great moments between the two characters in the entire narrative construction of the series.

It is worth noting that both were in serious complications with regard to the heart. Therefore, this new scenario of mystery and investigation presents a relief, a breather and a break for the situations that both had been dealing with for some time.


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