Chicago Fire 9×3: Brett and Casey expected speech


The 9th season of Chicago Fire started with high expectations for the future of Casey and Brett. After all, she finally seemed willing to accept her feelings for Casey. However, his ex-wife’s ghost continued to haunt them both. Then, the second episode of the season ended with the two admitting their feelings for the first time.

And how was that conversation? Check out the full recap below!

More details of the Chicago Fire 9×3 episode

First of all, let’s go ahead: the conversation did not yield as many answers as we expected. After the two-month hiatus in the series, fans were waiting for a decisive conversation about the future and the next steps of the relationship. However, the two remain hesitant.

Brett remains unsure and believes it will always be Casey’s second choice. Therefore, insecurity often means that she does not even give Casey the opportunity to expose her point of view.

For his part, Casey seems afraid to let Brett occupy an important place in his life. After all, he is still traumatized by his last marriage.

So, basically, the conversation doesn’t get anywhere. Instead of saying that he hasn’t spoken to his ex-wife in months, Casey follows Brett’s lead and the two postpone, once again, an honest conversation about his feelings.

Meanwhile, Kidd decided to take his test to become a lieutenant. However, the problem is that some colleagues believe that she would be promoted just because she is sleeping with Severide. Conway is the first to spell out her thoughts, but Severide decides to protect Kidd from these uncertain rumors about why she would be promoted – remembering, of course, that she is talented, hardworking and deserves the job!

But, as the characters of Chicago Fire don’t seem capable of having honest conversations, he ends up walking away, which only makes Kidd more tense to find out what’s going on. She questions her boyfriend several times, but he refuses to say what is bothering him. So this could be another problem created by the lack of communication.

As the 9th season of Chicago Fire progresses, we can only wait to see if the couples will finally make it. Especially in the case of Kidd and Severide, as this can mean both problems for their personal and professional lives.

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