Chicago Fire 9×16: Season Finale Will Have Big Challenges (promo)


Chicago Fire: The 9th season of Chicago Fire is coming to an end. Next Wednesday (26th), NBC will air the 9×16 episode, entitled “No Survivors”. For this reason, the broadcaster has already released an exciting preview, which shows that the Chicago fire crew will still have a big challenge ahead of them.

Possibly, due to the coronavirus pandemic, this season was broadcast with fewer episodes than usual. Even so, the audience followed many intense and interesting moments, which also involved the maturation of the characters.

And, according to the official description of the season finale, there will be three very important situations reserved for the outcome. One involves Severide (Taylor Kinney) and a shocking phone call that will take your breath away. In addition, a mysterious stranger will emerge to annoy the firefighters, while they also have to deal with great news.

However, the scenes presented in the preview show that there is also room for many emotions to be exposed. Casey (Jesse Spencer), for example, is seen in the first images visualizing Brett (Kara Killmer) with a melancholy face. What could happen?

Check out the full preview released by the broadcaster:

Chicago Fire: Season 9 brought shocking confrontations to viewers

Even with the adversities of the current moment that the whole world lives, the producers managed to deliver a season with very consistent plots to the public. A proof of this is the changes that had a great impact on the narrative of certain characters, such as Casey, who had his cranial problems gaining more prominence in the plot.

In this sense, the writers managed to develop good episodes involved in this problem, bringing also good confrontations between him and his teammates, such as Gallo (Alberto Rosende), for example, who had great discussions with Casey.

The 9th season of Chicago Fire also returned to viewers the very elaborate complicity between Severide and Casey, building extremely immersive and breathtaking episodes. Thus, the anxiety for what lies ahead is great.

So don’t miss it! The Chicago Fire season finale will air on May 26 on NBC.


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