Chicago Fire 9×16: All About The Season Finale of The Series (Spoilers)


Chicago Fire: The season finale is always one of the most awaited episodes in the series and, with the 9×16 episode of Chicago Fire, this could not be different. Season 9 came to an end with electrifying events, which left viewers with their eyes glued to the screen from their first to the last minute – and, if possible, even more anxious for the next season.

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More details about the end of the 9th season of Chicago Fire

Let’s start with the part of the episode where something that fans have been waiting for a long time has happened. After talking about how you feel for Brett, Casey is looking forward to it. In fact, the girl is also quite agitated and is unable to concentrate on work. But finally, the two admit that they are in love with each other and that being together is the right thing. Brett says she is also in love with Casey and the two kiss.

Meanwhile, all firefighters already know about Stella and Severide’s engagement. Casey is invited to be the best man at the wedding and says he is already planning an unforgettable bachelor party. Although she is still worried about what it will be like to leave 51 to be a lieutenant in another squadron, Stella is happy and is now confident that the two will find a way to make the relationship work.

However, not everything is that easy in Chicago Fire.

The season finale featured a water rescue mission. Severide, Cruz, Tony and Capp dive to try to save a man who is drowning in a boat. They manage to find the man, but, before they can get out of the water, the exit is blocked.

On the ground, the squad members are still waiting for the 4 to leave. However, they are trapped and the water has already reached the level above their heads. And this is the end of the episode!

As frustrating as it is, now we can only wait for season 10 to premiere to find out what happened to the firefighters. Although the series is unlikely to kill 4 of its main characters – one of them having just gotten engaged! -, we have already learned that there is no way to predict what will happen and everything is possible in the series.

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