Chicago Fire 9×15: Discover The Future of The Series Couples (Spoilers)


Chicago Fire: Are you ready for the 9th season finale of Chicago Fire? Because, after an emotional episode that brought great strides for the couples of the season, the series reaches the end of the season next week and promises a lot of drama, emotion and romance. Shall we find out what happened in this week’s episode?

See the full recap below!

More details of the 9×15 episode of Chicago Fire

Although Stella Kidd’s professional future is still uncertain, it seems that her personal life is more on track than she can imagine. But at first, she doesn’t know that and remains concerned about her future as a lieutenant. After all, there are no open positions in her barracks, so Wallace, Severide and Matt Casey are trying to find the best place for their transfer. And, of course, she is also concerned with what her dating will be like after she and Severide no longer work at the same place.

Meanwhile, Severide is still planning to ask her to marry him, but he is not sure if this is the best option. He remembers Stella saying that he wouldn’t like to get married again, so Casey reminds him that the conversation happened a long time ago and she probably doesn’t think the same way today.

In the middle of a fire, Severide and Stella are trying to save themselves and make a declaration of love for each other. Then, right there, in the middle of all the fire, he kneels and asks her to marry him. The two take off the mask and they kiss. The two manage to leave the fire site after taking a huge step in their relationship. Finally, how sure we are that Chicago Fire fans will agree!

Meanwhile, things are still weird between Casey and Brett after Gabby’s return. Casey knows that he will always care for his ex-wife, but he is no longer in love with her. He says this to Brett, stating that Gabby is his past, while Sylvie is his present.

Although it was not as significant as Severide’s marriage proposal, this sincere conversation could be the little push that the two needed to take on a serious relationship in the season finale. What do you think will happen at the end of season 9 of Chicago Fire? Leave your comment below and share the recap on social networks!


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