Chicago Fire 9×14: Kidd Receives The Exam Result



The 9th season of Chicago Fire provided answers about Kidd’s future as a lieutenant. The results of his exam have finally arrived and now the answer may affect his relationship with Severide. Meanwhile, Casey is finally mustering up the courage to admit his feelings.

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More details of episode 9×14 of Chicago Fire

After a lot of tension, Stella Kidd finally receives the result of her test to become a lieutenant: she passed! In the last few episodes, the character was quite tense about it, afraid that she would not have impressed her superiors. But, it seems that all the work was worth it in the end!

In fact, it is worth mentioning that, with the positive result, a marriage proposal may be closer than we imagined. Since she is going to receive a new position, Severide is, once again, considering the possibility of marriage.

Since there are no open positions for lieutenants, she may need to go elsewhere for promotion. Thus, Severide’s fear is that the relationship between the two will not be the same if they are not working in the same place.

Even in the midst of her own drama, Severide still found space to talk about another couple that is long awaited by Chicago Fire fans: Brett and Casey. A conversation between the two firefighters finally made Casey take the courage to admit her feelings.

In the midst of all this, firefighters are trying to help the owner of a dog food factory, where a fire broke out. Casey and Severide want justice for Pete and his wife, Jessica. To do this, they try to gather evidence about how the fire started and manage to put Pete at ease by proving that he is not to blame.


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