Chicago Fire 9×13: Stella Needs to Solve Case Over The Phone


Chicago Fire: The characters of Chicago Fire are always ready to deal with any difficulties they face, right? Well, with the title “Don’t Hang Up”, the danger situations reach new proportions, especially when Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) answers the phone and needs to deal with a great challenge .

In addition, in the barracks, other characters also needed help, especially Cruz (Joe Minoso), who is preparing to face a new journey in his life.

So, check out all the details of the 9×13 episode of Chicago Fire with our recap!

Chicago Fire 9×13: Stella Kidd can’t hang up the phone

That week, the character Kidd had a great prominence in Chicago Fire, precisely because she is a very kind, compassionate, intelligent and determined person.

Proof of this is what she manages to do through a tense call, because at no time did the fire brigade agent think about giving up, even when it seemed unlikely to find the person asking for her help.

The situation was quite complicated. Kidd took the call when a girl asked for help, since she was trapped in the basement of a location that she could not identify. Even so, she was calm and patient to search for clues and find Aaliyah (Zuri Starks), resolving the impasse in an insightful way.

With the support of Severide (Taylor Kinney), Boden (Eamonn Walker) and Kylie (Katelynn Shennett), Kidd managed to save more people than she imagined. If it weren’t for them, Aaliyah and her brother could have been killed instead of returning safely to their mother’s arms.

However, from Kidd’s point of view, Aaliyah managed to save herself, once she had the courage to face the situation and ask for help. The dialogue between the two is something very interesting for the dramatic construction of the character in the series, especially when analyzing its context throughout the seasons.

And if Kidd needed more evidence that she won a chance to be a lieutenant based on her own merit, here is one of them. Her heroism helped save two people, as well as giving a man impaled on a tree branch a chance to live.

And even though this episode was centered on Stella Kidd, there were other dramas going on in the barracks, like the “revelation” that Brett (Kara Killmer) really loves Casey (Jesse Spencer). And that news could certainly affect the dynamics between them, with Casey agreeing to give her more time and space. It remains to be seen what, in fact, he will do with this new information.

In addition, Cruz provided some relief to production during the heaviest saga presented earlier. They were very fun scenes to be watched, showing that this character and his group have some small problems to be solved yet.

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