Chicago Fire 9×13: Stella Can’t Hang Up The Phone (promo)


Chicago Fire: NBC launched the promo for the next episode of Chicago Fire. Season 9 returned with an episode full of emotions. After Captain Casey’s accident, a persistent trauma made him even more concerned.

In addition, Herrmann and Kidd try to help Mason, whose controversial past has limited his options as a firefighter.

The next episode, entitled “Don’t Hang Up”, is the 13th of the current season and will air on May 5th.

Check out the preview:

Chicago Fire: more details on episode 9×13 of the series

According to the synopsis, the plot of the next chapter will revolve around Stella Kidd, from the moment she receives a call from a mysterious person whose life is in danger.

The person seeks help from the firefighter, who will take on the mission of saving the victim and his brother from everything that is putting their lives in danger. On the other hand, the department will look after Joe Cruz, who is preparing to become a father.

No matter what the outcome or the direction of the plot, the next episode will be full of drama. In addition, something that is highly anticipated by fans is the outcome of the arc of Casey and Brett, who have not yet revealed their feelings for each other.

Led by showrunner Derek Haas, Chicago Fire will air on Wednesdays on NBC. In addition, the episodes are available on the American streaming platforms Hulu and Peacock.

So be sure to check out the 9×13 episode of Chicago Fire!