Chicago Fire 9×12: Brett helps Casey with his exams


Chicago Fire: Episode 12 of the 9th season of Chicago Fire, which aired yesterday on NBC, had a happy ending, leaving that warm feeling for almost all the characters. However, Brett and Grainger’s relationship cannot say the same.

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More details about the 9×12 episode of Chicago Fire

Brett is at the doctor’s office with Casey, who says he needs to have an MRI scan, as the injury may have left permanent damage. He is having mini seizures now that they can become widespread. Casey tells Boden and Severide about his doctor’s visit, and the two say they will support him.

Before the call, Ritter and Gallo ask Herrmann if they can meet a group of young firefighters at Molly’s home. He agrees.

They arrive at the scene of a fire. Mouch and Kidd go inside, where there are small explosions. Gallo finds a woman who is looking for her daughter. The fire could not be contained, so Boden calls everyone out as soon as Mouch finds the girl. Gallo and Ritter tell everyone about Mouch’s rescue when they return to the police station and Casey congratulates him.

Herrmann returns to the scene of the fire and finds Mason, the born firefighter, and finds out that he was from Colorado. Herrmann tells him that he can apply for the Chicago department. Mason says he was a firefighter in prison, and the CFD does not hire criminals.

Herrmann talks to Mouch at Molly’s house and tells him about Mason, who stole a car when he was a teenager and turned three years old.

Everyone tries to help Mason

Herrmann tells Kitt that he needs a big favor: a meeting with Deputy Commissioner Hill. She knows why Herrmann wants to speak to the commissioner, and tells Severide that she doesn’t know if she agrees with this because there are many other deserving people out there. However, she manages the meeting for Hermmann.

The two go together and Hermmann tells the commissioner about the policy on criminals, and wants to know if anything can be done to change it. She says she appreciates her interest, but the CFD is an elite group of men and women, and some people cannot be firefighters, no matter how much they want to.

Later, Herrmann and Kitt tell Mason that he has an interview with the St. Paul fire department.

Brett is next to Casey

Brett apologizes to Grainger for canceling the ski trip with him. Grainger understands and says that they can do this at another time. To compensate, she invites you to an omelet festival.

Meanwhile, Casey and Brett go to the hospital so he can have an MRI scan. However, later on, Casey goes to see Brett to tell her that when the results are ready, he will pick them up himself. However, she insists that she will be together.

At another point, Brett is with Grainger when Casey calls. She interrupts the meeting to see him.

Brett arrives at the doctor’s office and Casey learns that the pain in his shoulder is probably caused by the injury he’s recovering from, not his brain. His MRI scan is clean.

Brett asks about the headaches, the doctor says it is probably from a concussion. Brett hugs Casey and they almost kiss.

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