Chicago Fire 9×10: Casey’s situation is very worrying


After another short hiatus, the Chicago Fire series returned with an exciting new episode. Heading towards the end of season 9, the title “One Crazy Shift” showed Casey (Jesse Spencer) acting on impulse and paying no attention to his responsibilities.

In addition, Brigade 51’s firefighting team must deal with a series of very suspicious and very complex fires. So check out more details about the 9×10 episode of Chicago Fire with our recap!

Chicago Fire: Season 9 continues with great emotions for viewers

In the March 17 episode, the audience watched Casey’s head trauma return after a rather intense rescue at work. Apparently, the character has already begun to truly understand the seriousness of the problem, which puts not only his life at risk, but also the entire team that has his support.

Gallo (Alberto Rosende) may have exaggerated a little when he confronted Casey, but the young firefighter was able to approach the situation in a rational way when no one even tried. And that, in a way, is something that Casey can’t or isn’t ready to do yet. His injury, which was kept secret for so long, can cost his career – just as it did at the time he discovered it.

At best, he would have some administrative work and, at worst, he would be forced to retire. However, with this very uncomfortable situation, there are not many favorable outlets for the fireman. In that sense, after everything that has gone through his life up to that point, Casey feels that fighting fires is all he has left.

Throughout the episode, the weight of all these possibilities falls on his shoulders. Many of his friends try to talk to him, but all the dialogue seems to make him even more confused and anxious. Thus, it is possible that from that point on, the character will not seek medical help until things get worse.

In addition to this major problem, firefighters must deal with very suspicious fires. Obviously, the duo Casey and Severide (Taylor Kinney) starts to investigate all the details of the case, conquering several clues, little by little, and solving everything that seemed incredibly normal.

Alongside all of this, the episode also focuses on Mouch’s (Christian Stolte) desire to join the Pipes and Drums. The day of auditioning to be a real musician finally arrives and the character shows that he is very anxious about what can happen from there with the support of Herrmann (David Eigenberg).

However, the public realizes that he does not know how to read any score. Even so, perseverance seems to mean something to him, who records a video to reach the Chicagoland Celtic Classic group and is recognized for his achievement.

Despite some changes, the course of things seems to follow. A new episode of Chicago Fire will air on April 7 on NBC. Keep an eye!



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