Chicago Fire 9×09: preview the next episode


NBC released a preview for the 9×09 episode of Chicago Fire. The drama involved in a fire team will have a very dangerous conflict with one of its main characters. According to the images, Casey (played by Jesse Spencer) is going to have an accident and hurt his head in a very scary way.

As much as the fracture did not attract the attention of the teams so much at the beginning, the character starts to feel pain as time goes by. All of this could mean that something strange is happening to his health.

Titled “Double Red”, the episode will be released next week by the broadcaster. Due to the hiatuses related to the coronavirus pandemic, many have considered this as one of the most irregular seasons of the series to date.

Check out the full preview:

Chicago Fire 9×09: check out new photos for the next episode of the series

In addition to the preview released recently, NBC also released some photos so that fans can kill curiosity about their favorite characters. In the last episodes, several characters such as Gallo (Alberto Rosende) and Severide (Taylor Kinney) have had great prominence in their journeys.

Somehow, this continues to happen. There are not many revelations through the new images, but there are small indications of conflicts and concerns among some of the group’s superiors.

In addition to Casey’s “Double Red” fracture, the audience will watch Randall Mouch (Christian Stolte), Blake Gallo, Emma Ritter (Melanie Keller) and Gianna Mackey (Adriyan Rae) during training. What will happen?

Don’t miss out! The next episode of Chicago Fire will air on March 17 on NBC.



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