Chicago Fire: 10 Best Crossover Episodes Of The Series Franchise


Chicago Fire: With almost 9 years of airing, the Chicago franchise began with the debut of Chicago Fire in October 2012. Since then, the saga has expanded with the releases of Chicago PD and Chicago Med. Among its 491 episodes, shown on the NBC channel, some crossovers between the series happened.

Check out the top 10 now, according to the scores on IMDb.

10. The Beating Heart (Chicago Fire 4×10) – 8.6

The crossover begins in the firefighting series, when Herrmann is stabbed by a troubled boy at the bar and has to be rushed to the hospital. That’s when the Chicago Med people come into the picture.

When a cancer patient’s home burns down, firefighters and doctors have one more reason to work together. The team eventually finds out that this and other patients have been diagnosed with cancer but have not been told they were sick. The Chicago PD team is called in to investigate the case.

9. Good Men (Chicago PD 6×15) – 8.6

The episode continues the plot presented in the first part of the crossover at Chicago Fire. When a series of robberies break out in several apartments, Voight soon suspects a member of another fire department that put out a fire at the same location some time ago.

To arrest the culprit, the detectives ask Joe Cruz to go undercover to the other headquarters.

8. Burden Of Truth (Chicago PD 7×15) – 8.6

The second part of the crossover follows detectives investigating a drug dealer whose product caused the deaths of several clients.

Earlier, ambulance 61 had answered a call involving several people who passed out after ingesting opioids. Sean Roman’s sister, who is missing, is a friend of one of the victims.

7. Don’t Bury This Case (Chicago PD 4×9) – 8.6

Firefighter Kelly Severide is investigated for a run over that becomes a homicide case when the victim dies from his injuries. Evidence indicates that Severide is responsible for the accident, causing tension between detectives and firefighters.

6. Hiding Not Seeking (Chicago Fire 6×13) – 8.7

Trudy is doing an interview for a local TV channel when an explosion occurs. Voight then discovers that the suspect wants to destroy all media because of a damaging story. Dawson and Brett go undercover to track down the possible culprit.

5. Infection: Part I (Chicago Fire 8×4) – 9.0

In this crossover, the protagonist is a deadly disease. Matthew Casey is watching a Chicago Bears game when he notices a guy passed out. When he goes to inspect more closely, it is revealed that the man has an infection in his leg. It also keeps repeating the abbreviation “BRT”.

More victims of the infection begin to show up, and as they respond to a fire at the University of Central Chicago, firefighters notice the acronym BRT on the walls.

4. Going To War (Chicago Fire 7×2) – 9.1

A devastating fire consumes a 25-story apartment. Everything gets even more difficult when it is revealed that Detective Jay Halstead’s father is being held at the scene.

Otis sees a mother and her baby dying in an elevator. The traumatic scene causes him to seek help from Dr. Charles. The crossover also has other exciting moments, such as Kidd risking his life to save Severide.

3. Deathtrap (Chicago Fire 5×15) – 9.1

Several firefighters are called in when a fire breaks out in an industrial warehouse crowded with teenagers. Detective Olinsky’s daughter is apparently one of the victims.

Things get more complicated when they discover that the fire was intentional and the owner of the place commits suicide.

2. A Dark Day (Chicago Fire 2×18) – 9.1

This is the franchise’s first crossover. In it, a bomb explodes during a race against cancer and Gabby ends up trapped, prompting firefighters and doctors to rally to save her. Voight and his team of detectives also join the episode to investigate the case.

1. I Am The Apocalypse (Chicago Fire 3×19) – 9.1

The crossover begins with firefighters rescuing and transporting victims of a chemical spill to the hospital. When they arrive at the place, one of the patients claims to be carrying a deadly airborne disease.

One of the firefighters tries to stop him and ends up hurting himself in the explosion. The hospital is then placed in lockdown to determine the severity of the illness.


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