Chiara Antonella completely broke up: her boyfriend cheated on her


Chiara Antonella can’t believe it! The beauty searched in vain for love on Love Island two years ago. Even after the popular show in the dome, the blonde was quite reserved when it came to finding a partner. In early September, good news came: Chiara told Promiflash that there was a man next to her, but he apparently cheated on her!

In her Instagram story, Chiara revealed that her followers had completely dissolved: “I haven’t been so disappointed in a long time, I’m stunned.” Intuitively, she looked through her boyfriend’s mobile phone and found what she was looking for: her partner apparently chatted with another woman at night and asked if he could still come in. He simply dismissed her questions about whether he had been taken away.

Chiara herself is exhausted after this discovery. “I was in love again, for the first time in more than two and a half years, and then something similar was done to me. I don’t understand it,” she described her mental life to her subscribers. She couldn’t imagine what prompted her boyfriend to take this step.


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