‘Chewing Gum’ Keeps Players Vigorous Respawn By 5


Razer announced its new chewing gum called “Respawn By 5” developed with a focus on gamers. Sugar-free chewing gum is fortified with some B vitamins and caffeine. In this way, players stay vigorous while playing games. Respawn By 5 is offered to players with 3 different taste options.

Razer, one of the important manufacturers of the peripherals industry, announced a very interesting product. Normally, after this sentence, we should talk about a peripheral device with impressive features. However, Razer’s new product appears as a chewing gum that allows players to concentrate and focus. Razer’s chewing gum is called “Respawn By 5”.

Razer created the chewing gum that gamers liked with Wrigley, the world’s largest chewing gum producer. Chewing gum “fortified” with B vitamins and caffeine aims to keep players vigorous. In this way, users continue to stay vigorous while playing games. Razer’s chewing gum seems to attract gamers’ attention.

Here is “Respawn By 5” released by Razer.

Respawn By 5 has been made available to players in three flavors. These; It is named as Pomegranate Watermelon, Cold Mint and Tropical Punch. Chewing gum, produced without sugar, contains vitamins B3, B5, B6 and B12 in addition to green tea extract. Chewing gum, which provides caffeine from green tea extract, gives its taste thanks to the aromas in its varieties. The caffeine content of chewing gum is unknown.

Players cannot access Respawn By 5 in single packs. Players who want to have this product need to buy 10 packs of 15 chewing gum each. So when a player wants to buy Respawn By 5, he buys 150 chewing gum. According to the statements made by Razer, players who want to have 150 chewing gum need to pay $ 27.99. The product can be found on Razer’s website or through various retailers.

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