Chevrolet Bolt to get software update to prevent fires


In search of solutions to the fires caused by the Bolt electric battery, Chevrolet announced last Thursday (18) that it will carry out a recall of the model in April, with the aim of updating the software to a version capable of identifying the problem before it occurs.

According to the automaker, a team of engineers made “substantial progress” in identifying the cause of the electric car battery fires and defined potential solutions to the failure. However, the company did not disclose what caused the problem.

Regarding the solution, the company says, in a statement published on its website, that it is working on “state-of-the-art software capable of diagnosing potential problems in advance and restoring 100% of the load capacity”, which will be available from April , probably.

Several reports of fire in the Bolt EV’s battery have surfaced on the internet lately.

As a temporary solution to prevent new fires in the Bolt EV battery, Chevrolet recently launched an update that restricts the charging capacity of the hatch battery to 90%. The automaker has recommended that owners take the vehicle to a dealership to update the system.

Hyundai should replace batteries

Like the Chevrolet Bolt EV, Hyundai has also faced fires in the Kona electric SUV. The Asian brand recently reported a recall of 77,000 car units in South Korea.

In negotiation with the country’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the South Korean automaker may be required to change the batteries of all cars summoned, in addition to extending the recall to other electrified models, such as the Ioniq PHEV and the Ioniq Electric .

A problem in the battery cell separator provided by LG Energy Solution, caused by failures during the manufacture of the component, is responsible for the fires. It is worth remembering that the company is the same supplier of the Chevrolet electric.


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