Chests were not at risk of hacker attacks; understanding


Comprova, a project that brings together journalists from 28 different media outlets to check suspicious content, concluded that the tweet that went viral last week is misleading, insinuating that the hacker attack suffered by the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) and other public bodies at the beginning this month, be it a threat to the security of electronic voting machines or to the Brazilian electoral system.

Published by Folha de São Paulo on Saturday (14), the opinion clarified that, unlike internal computerized systems, voting equipment is isolated machines, without any type of internet connection.

The post verified by Comprova had 7,600 likes and about 1,400 shares on Twitter. Its content falsely claimed that the real attack on institutions in Brasília might be able to invade the electronic ballot boxes, to put the electoral system in check.

How does data transmission in elections work?

The coalition of press vehicles found with the TSE (Superior Electoral Court) that there is no possibility of an external virtual attack on the electronic voting machines simply because they do not have any type of hardware installed capable of making any type of connection to a network, with or wireless.

As in all elections since 1996, the counting of votes is made from a file (the Digital Voting Record) taken from the machine right after the end of the voting period and the printing of the ballot with the result of that ballot box. The object, similar to a pen-drive, is taken to a private transmission pole, which sends the data to the TSE.

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According to the director of cybersecurity company Cipher, Fernando Amatte, a hacker attack could even affect the TSE system, but never the polls that, in addition to being disconnected from the network, print ballots at the end of the vote in different ways. That is, in the event of any external interference, there is authenticated evidence that allows a check of the votes.


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