Chesapeake Shores: Jesse Metcalfe leaves season 5 cast


Jesse Metcalfe has been in the cast of Chesapeake Shores since 2016, when the multigenerational drama debuted. However, as the release of the 5th season of the series approaches, more news will emerge, as is the case with the supposed departure of Metcalfe.

The news was given by TV Insider and stated that the actor, responsible for giving life to the character Trace, would leave the cast throughout the American summer, a period for which the debut of the new season is scheduled. How will it influence Chesapeake Shores as a whole and, more specifically, Abby’s life, his main love interest?

Future of Chesapeake Shores without Jesse Metcalfe

The fourth season of the series ended with a big kiss between Trace and Abby after a long time apart, giving the impression that now, after exploring life individually, they would realize that they are made for each other.

However, as stated by the Hallmark Channel itself, responsible for the exhibition of Chesapeake Shores, Metcalfe’s character will already have an outcome right at the beginning of the 5th season, with no room for anything further with Abby.

When the fifth season had yet to be confirmed, Michael Berns, executive producer of the series, discussed possibilities for the future for Trace and Abby, even suggesting that a wedding could be in the plans for the couple’s future, in case what was seen in the end of the 4th season of Chesapeake Shores really extended. With the departure of Jesse Metcalfe, everything returns to the plane of uncertainty.

The 5th season of Chesapeake Shores has no premiere yet, but we are looking forward to seeing what fate has in store for Trace and Abby.


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