Cherry: Tom Holland movie gets official trailer


Cherry, a feature film starring Tom Holand, Spider-Man from the Marvel Universe, has just won its first official trailer – and you can check it out below. Directed by the Russo Brothers, old acquaintances of the actor and responsible for several films in the superhero franchise, including Avengers: Ultimatum, this is another of Apple’s endeavors in the cinematographic world.

In the production, Tom plays an American army doctor who, after returning to his home in the suburbs of Ohio, develops an addiction to opioids while fighting his post-traumatic stress disorder.

Along with his wife, who also surrenders to substance abuse behavior, the role of Ciara Bravo, both start a criminal life and rob banks to finance the purchase of the drugs they use.

Natural talent

At Vanity Fair, recently, Anthony Russo praised Tom Holland’s performance: “Joe and I were surprised to see how fully committed he was to every facet of this character. He really embraced the darker and more difficult sides, faced them and tried to bring them to life. to all of this within you in a way that many people would not be able to. ”

“He’s a young actor, right? We haven’t seen him do much until now. This is definitely something he had inside of him all the time. We just didn’t have the opportunity [to notice something before],” he added.

Cherry opens in select theaters on February 26, before its launch on the streaming service Apple TV +, scheduled for March 12. Bill Skarsgård, Jack Reynor and Forrest Goodluck are part of the cast.


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