Chernobyl’s Director to Manage the Pilot Episode of The Last of Us Series


Johan Renck, director of the highly acclaimed Chernobyl miniseries, released last year, will also run the pilot episode of The Last of Us. The couple working together at Chernobyl will continue to work together at The Last of Us.

In the past months, the future of the series adaptation of One of PlayStation’s favorite games, The Last of Us, was officially announced. A new piece of information has emerged about the series adaptation of the popular game.

The director of the Chernobyl miniseries, released last year, Johan Renck and the creator of the series, Craig Mazin, reunites the pilot episode of The Last of Us, which will be released on HBO. While Renck was directing all five episodes of the series, Mazin and Renck were the creators of the series.

Mazin to adapt The Last of Us series

Craig Mazin was chosen as the name responsible for adapting The Last of Us to TV. The beloved game from Naughty Dog was seen as one of the productions that could be adapted to a movie or TV series. Although the first plan for the game was a movie adaptation, Neil Durckmann from Naughty Dog thought that the time limitation in the movie would have problems in telling the desired story. HBO also bought the rights of the game and took Mazin to the head of the project.

Renck’s involvement in this project was revealed in an interview. After giving an interview to the Discussing Film, Renck announced that he would join Mazin as the executive producer in The Last of Us and would at least be the name of the pilot episode. Apart from this, Renck said that he cannot say anything at the moment.

Describing how they approached the characters in the series with Mazin, Renck said that Joel and Ellie are iconic characters in popular culture and are aware of how people expect them to be depicted on the screen. Renck said that they were in constant contact with Druckmann with Mazin, and that the characters in the game were more difficult to adapt to the characters in the book.

Of course, it is not surprising that the duo came together again in The Last of Us, considering that they did a very successful job at Chernobyl. The series will meet its audience in 2021. So, what are your expectations from the series?


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