Chernobylite Is Postponed On Consoles For The End Of The Year


Chernobylite won’t make it to consoles on the date the developer first promised. The indie game, which is now available on PC, would be released on PlayStation and Xbox on September 28, but has now been pushed back to the end of the year, at a date not yet set.

“Incidentally, due to some unanticipated issues with the build for the consoles, we’ve decided to postpone Chernobylite’s release a bit until this is resolved. launching Chernobylite on consoles in a few weeks will allow us to achieve that.” – Declared Piotr Zygadlo, CEO of All In! Games, developer of Chernobylite.

The title has an interesting development history, which focused above all on transparency. The game started with open access on PC and even changed quite a few elements of its gameplay and even the focus of what kind of game it would be, something the developer comments in some of the game’s trailers.

The final format had an acclaimed release on PC, garnering very positive reviews on Steam. Not only the players, the specialized critics also liked the game a lot, which even yielded a new trailer of praise:

We can imagine that this postponement of games on consoles is an attempt by the developer to maintain this positive moment in the perception of the game, and not spoil its image with a poorly optimized and buggy release.


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