Chen released the cover of his digital single “Hello”

EXO idol Chen is set to release a new single and has shown us his cover art.
EXO member Chen has revealed the album cover for his digital single ‘Hello’. On October 8, the member of the popular boy group revealed a quiet cover art for his upcoming digital single. The cover is drawn in a watercolor painting style depicting the twilight sky in pastel colors.
The news of Chen’s new single was announced directly through EXO’s social media account, where a teaser photo was also released showing a beautiful sky with a man who seemed to be walking alone.

When will Chen’s new single be released?

Chen’s digital single will be released on October 15. Don’t miss the release of the single and stay tuned for more updates!

Chen fans are eager to hear his sweet voice again. The EXO member was last heard singing the song “Your moonlight” for the soundtrack “Do You Like Brahms?” In September.

Chen is one of the group’s favorite idols, as in addition to being one of EXO’s main voices, he is also a prominent South Korean actor, participating in both movies and series.

In addition of course to his solo career, in which he has released songs like “Amaranth” and Flower ”that have been hits, so EXO fans are looking forward to the new song“ Hello ”and have received the cover quite well. from Chen’s single.

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