Chen premieres Your Moonlight, Do You Like Brahms?


With this OST, EXO’s Chen returns to the stage, the idol performs the song “Your Moonlight” from the Korean drama “Do You Like Brahms?”

At the beginning of the year 2020, Jongdae was immersed in a controversy over the announcement of his paternity, the idol of the company SM Entertainment communicated to his fans that he wanted to start a new stage in his life and wanted to start a family with the mother of his first daughter.

The singer’s musical activities stopped for a while and after a few months he returned to music by publishing a video cover of ‘Breathe’ on his official YouTube channel, the emotional song already has more than 2 million views.

Jongdae had not shared any more songs or works with the public that follows his extensive career, but all this changed today, the K-pop dancer participates in the OST of the K-drama ‘Do You Like Brahms?’

A few hours ago, the video for the song ‘Your Moonlight’ was revealed through YouTube, marking Chen’s return to his official musical activities and touching EXO-L’s heart with his profound performance. In the clip there are several romantic scenes of the protagonists of the series “Do You Like Brahms?”.

‘Your Moonlight’ is a melody that talks about finding love in someone who understands you and the feelings that the other person awakens in your heart, an excerpt from Jongdae’s song says:

I want you to stay with me so that none of this changes. I can see how you illuminate with your moon voice in my dreams, no matter how many times I look at the ceiling, I am happy. You are a dream to me and that’s enough

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‘Your Moonlight’ is the third track from the soundtrack of the Korean drama ‘Do You Like Brahms?’, A production starring Kim Min Jae, Park Sang Hoon, Ki Eun Yoo, Park Eun Bin and Kim Sung Chul. The plot of the drama is about the lives of several students of a music academy, their way to achieve their dreams and love. Owww.

Oh Sehun and Park Chanyeol, Chen’s bandmates, supported the premiere of Jongdae’s musical work on their respective Instagram accounts, giving him their best words of encouragement for this new project. The voice of EXO’s idol is already a benchmark for OSTs in Korean dramas, its warm, delicate, soft, and powerful tonality make the songs that Chen performs become a magical experience for the audience.

Watch the MV for ‘Your Moonlight’ OST of ‘Do You Like Brahms?’ Performed by EXO’s Chen;


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