This triad brings you a new emotional ballad that will make your heart fall in love, watch the video! Chen and Dynamic Duo released the video of their collaboration called ‘ You ‘.

The vocal part of ‘혼자’ is in charge of Chen’s interpretative ability , the rap part of Choiza and Gaeko , who were also the writers of the lyrics , which speaks of the feelings generated by a love that is already It was.

The official video was posted on the channel YouTube of Stone Music Entertainment and Amoeba Culture , the direction of the MV was Bang Jae Yeon, ‘ You ‘ is the single digital number 10 South Korean rap duo.

In the description of the video you can read a part of the lyrics:

“Eat alone, sleep alone, play alone,

Why are the things you used to be with you so strange?

It’s always strange to be alone after a breakup.”

Dynamic Duo and Chen fans filled the good wishes comment tray for the success of the song and the hard work observed in this collaboration , also the followers of the musicians posted support messages through the hashtag # CHEN x DynamicDuo _ You on social networks like Twitter , becoming a worldwide trend.