Checkup #12: What Does Pollution Have To Do With Covid-19?


Pollution and covid-19

Covid-19: A large study recently published suggests that prolonged exposure to air pollution can lead to a worsening of the clinical picture of covid-19. The study was published in the scientific journal Environmental Health Perspectives.

One theory assumes that pollution may increase people’s susceptibility to developing severe respiratory symptoms, including a reduction in the body’s immune response.

Another associates comorbidities resulting from contact with pollution, such as diabetes and cardiorespiratory diseases, with worsening symptoms. You can read more about the survey here.

Ômicron in Brazil

Until Friday (3), five cases of people infected with the new omicron variant of the coronavirus had already been registered in Brazil — three in São Paulo and two in the Federal District. According to the Ministry of Health, another eight cases are under investigation.

According to the WHO, several studies are already underway to assess the risk that omicrons can represent, but it is still unknown how dangerous the variant is.

Around here, the variant has already made the São Paulo state government back off from the decision to release the use of masks in open places.

On twitter, biomedical Melanie Fontes-Dutra, coordinator of the Covid-19 Analysis Network, published a thread to explain what is known about the omicron so far.