joins Facebook’s cryptocurrency project Libra


The last participant of Facebook’s crypto money project Libra was the payment company Thus, the number of members in the Libra Union increased to 24.

London-based payment company participated in the Libra project led by Facebook.

Guillaume Pousaz, the founder and CEO of, stated in a blog post published today that Blockchain has the potential to bring various benefits to global payment processes. Pousaz continued, speaking about Libra, “I look forward to working with the Libra Union to develop this new network and help shape its impact on global trade.” said. became the first payment processor to join Libra after US giants such as Visa, Mastercard and Strape, who left the project last October. With, the current number of members of the Libra Union has increased to 24.

Global non-profit organization Heifer International was included in Libra last week.

Critical revision in Libra
On the other hand, Facebook made significant changes to its vision of creating a global stable cryptocurrency backed by various currencies and government bonds a few weeks ago. Accordingly, the new goal in Libra is to develop various stable cryptocurrencies, each of which will correspond to a different fiat currency. Libra, which is still planning to issue a stable cryptocurrency backed by multiple currencies, will improve it to be backed by new stable cryptocurrencies rather than the bank-held currencies.


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