Checking the status of couples “FBOY Island”: who is still together, and who broke up?


There are difficulties in finding love. Since the premiere of FBOY Island in 2021, fans have been wondering if a $100,000 cash prize is the right motivation for couples to find their mate.

The HBO Max reality show features three women who had to choose a partner from 24 men. Of the pool of fans, half of them are self—proclaimed good guys, and the rest are “lovers” who are not interested in love, but rather in the prize at the end of the competition.

After the show’s debut, host Nikki Glazer talked about the idea of the series and how to choose a group of men. “I think the real discrepancy between a fake guy and a good guy is not that a guy who likes to have a lot of sex and a guy who only wants to have sex with one woman,” she noted during an interview with Men’s Health in August 2021. “The difference is that a guy likes to have a lot of sex and lies to get it, and a guy who doesn’t lie.”

Glazer also praised the women for remaining committed to finding a partner. “It’s part of what these reality shows should be. In order for love to blossom so quickly, to get as much drama and confusion as in a real relationship for many years — you put the relationship in a pressure cooker — you need to make sure that these people meet constantly. “, – she shared. “I talk about dating all the time and do nothing but eat, sleep and talk about boys.”

For the Ohio native, watching from the sidelines made her appreciate reality TV stars more.

“The girls worked harder than anyone. I was very obsessed with getting them to get enough sleep and to be taken care of because I couldn’t talk to them off-screen. They didn’t want me to spill any information, even though I didn’t have it,” Glazer recalled. “At one point I slipped them notes like I was in high school and folded them into little origami figures just to check them out and say, ‘Hey, if that’s too much, here’s my hotel number.’ Try to find me and let’s talk.” The entire cast ate, slept and drank the show, while I had a lot more free time.”

Scroll down to find out if your favorite FBOY Island couple is together:

C. J. Franco and Jarred Evans

Although she initially favored Casey Johnson, CJ shocked viewers when she left the show with Jarred. The couple seems to have broken up since the HBO series Max.

Nakia Renee and Jared Motley

Nakia’s risk with Jared put her $100,000 prize at stake. Jared surprised the audience when he stayed true to his word, and the duo divided the money.

Although they continued their relationship outside the island, Nakia later confirmed that they had broken up. “Nothing worked out between him and me. We’re kind of moving in two different directions depending on what we want,” the makeup artist explained in a video posted via Reddit in September 2021. “It was a real relationship. It wasn’t just for the camera. Like in any other real relationship he’s tried, I’ve tried, and it just didn’t work out.”

Sarah Emig and Garrett Morosky

In the first season, Sarah chose to confide in Garrett, but only so that he would prefer a cash prize to a relationship with her. She ended her time on the series without a partner.