Check-Up: Advances In Vaccination Against Covid And Child Immunization


Covid: On Wednesday (20), Brazil passed the mark of 50% of the population completely vaccinated against covid-19. The number demonstrates the advance of immunization in the country, and the data of new cases and deaths caused by the disease – in constant fall in recent weeks – bring even more hope that the pandemic may come to an end.

The percentage of people over 18 years old, the initial public of the campaign, who are already fully vaccinated is over 65%.


Health professionals apply vaccine in Curitiba (credits: Guilherme Flores/Shutterstock)

Vaccinated people can still have covid-19, but the chances of having the disease in the severe form and dying from the virus are drastically reduced after full immunization. Thus, vaccines are, so far, the best way to fight the pandemic that has already left deep social and economic marks in the country.

Specialists warn that, for now, preventive measures such as physical distance, use of masks and hand hygiene are still necessary. However, some state governments, such as São Paulo, are rehearsing the end of more restrictions for the coming months, following the most recent positive numbers of the pandemic.


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