“Lose You To Love Me”, new song by Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez’s new single is with us and there is a lot of talk about the lyrics of “Lose You To Love Me”, “Losing You To Love Me” in free translation. The first reference is, of course, Justin Bieber – the ex-boyfriend of the star with whom she has had a troubled relationship in the public eye for years. Even separate, turn-and-move news about online and offline contacts permeated the tabloids. In fact, the names of the two have been correlated since 2013.

“You promised the world and I believed / put you first and you loved it,” sings Selena at the beginning of the song. “I gave my everything and everyone knows / You rejected me and now it’s clear / In two months you replaced us,” she says in another passage. In the black and white clip, also released on Wednesday (23), Selena sings looking back all the time as if someone was spying on her. So it’s not hard to understand why everyone believes the lyrics of the new song is about the ex.

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