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Today (07), Capcom made a special broadcast of the Monster Hunter Rise, bringing several news and more information about the new title of the franchise.

The developer brought more details about the new monsters of the title on the map of the Ice Islands, such as: Goss Harag, Lagombi and Magnamalo, in addition to bringing great news to fans with the return of Khezu, Grande Baggi, Tigrex, Mizutsune and Barioth!

The video also shows a new mechanic called Wyrm-Mounted, which allows you to temporarily control monsters, while doing a certain amount of damage with air or Sedaférrea attacks using Cabinseto.

While mounted on the creature, it is possible to move, attack and even throw them against walls to deal damage.

In addition, the demo finally got a date! It will be available from today (07) until February 1st at 05:00.

Hunters will be able to perform 4 types of missions: Beginner (hunting Great Izuchi), Intermediate (hunting Mizutsune), Basic Training (how to use the Cabinseto) and one of Training to Ride on Wyrps (to learn more about mechanics).

However, the demo will offer a total of 30 missions attempts, which are counted for both Beginner and Intermediate missions (which can be done both in local and online coop), while Training missions will not have this limit.

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