Check out the differences between Roku Express


Smart TVs have become very popular devices in recent years. Thanks to easy access to streaming services – such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus -, the evolution of traditional television has gained a strong foothold in the market.

However, not everyone can or wants to invest in a Smart TV. And a good solution for these people is to invest in a Streaming Player.

For this content we compare two very popular options on the market: Roku Express and Xiaomi Mi Stick TV. Check out.

Design and construction

Mi Stick TV connects via the USB port to turn TV into smart. The accessory comes with a practical control to manage the streaming functions.

The construction is made of quality plastic, mixing the matte and smooth surface to create a pleasant design. The control is very minimalist and compact, with few buttons to interact with the content.

Roku Express, on the other hand, changes the concept of the connector a little and gets closer to Chromecast by offering a less like a pendrive look. Because of this, the kit comes with an HDMI cable and a USB cable, also for power supply.

The control also has few buttons, but they are more specific. And the two accessories are also made of strong plastic.

Hardware and Sound

When it comes to hardware, Roku does not reveal all the details of your device’s specifications. Mi Stick TV has a well-known hardware, with 8 GB of storage, Android TV system, 1 GB of RAM and a 4-core CPU. However, in practice, both have a very similar performance, being difficult to define which one has more powerful specifications.

Roku Express focuses on HD and Full HD screens, and features DTS Digital Surround, Dolby Audio and Dolby Atmos sound technologies (with pass-through via HDMI). This set guarantees a quality sound for the transmissions.

Mi Stick TV has DTS Digital Surround and Dolby Audio technologies as audio decoders, but it stands out for its support for Google Assistant. In this way, it is possible to search for content using the voice command.


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