Check Out How To Use The Interactive Map Of Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact is a game with several areas to be explored, leading the player to make several comings and goings in search of items, missions (whether main or secondary) and other points of interest. Therefore, the best way to not get lost is by using interactive maps.

The interactive map for Genshin Impact can work as a good ally on your journey, given that it has extra information on the best routes to reach a certain point, tips on how to solve the puzzles present in this region and even YouTube videos showing, in practice, what are the rewards obtained in certain chests – for that, just access the Comments tab in the menu that appears on the left.

Therefore, see below how to use the interactive map of Genshin Impact and take the opportunity to share your opinions with other readers in the space provided for comments.

How to use the Genshin Impact interactive map

Open this link and wait for all the information to load. As a point of reference, all players start in a region close to the city of Mondstat, which is marked with a helping hand in the image below:

To move more accurately around the map, move the icons on the menu on the left side down (with the scroll bar) and look for the points of interest that most interest you. Among the options you can find Chests, Minerals, Animals and Plants, and when selecting one of these the system will leave only this information highlighted;


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