Check Out How To Speed Up Whatsapp Audios


Whatsapp has recently released a function that allows you to speed up audio sent and received in the app. After all, we all have a relative or friend who goes overboard when communicating with us.

This function allows you to accelerate the audio up to three speeds, being able to return to normal speed at any time, in case any part needs more attention. Today TecMundo teaches you the procedure, check it out:

How to speed up Whatsapp audios

After sending or receiving audio in a private conversation or in a group, you can increase the speed of the sound. To do this, press the button with the speed symbol at the end of the progression line (as shown in the image below).

As said before, it is possible to accelerate the audio up to three speeds: 1.5x and 2x, the latter of which can make conversations a little confused by the way the sound is accelerated.

Remembering that you can also increase the speed of the audios you send, whether to check what was sent or collect some information.


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