Check out Fall Guys: one of 2020’s biggest releases


Fall Guys is a new casual game developed by Mediatonic and published by Devolver Digital that was released on August 4, 2020 for PC and PlayStation 4 (PS4) without crossplay. The title is free for PS Plus subscribers, and is priced at R $ 83.50 for non-subscribers. On Steam, the game costs $ 37.99. Using the familiar formula of Battle Royale, he gathers 60 players in gymkhana competitions that refer to Japanese game shows. The objective is quite simple: to win the desired crown in the final race as the last survivor over several rounds.

Its unusual premise quickly caught the attention of players, and Fall Guys registered the mark of two million copies sold on the Steam platform alone in less than a week. The title proves to be an excellent game to spend time with friends, although it still suffers from lack of features and connection problems. Check out the full review of Fall Guys in the following review.

Simplicity that works

In Fall Guys, players control characters that are affectionately called “jelly beans” and that are completely customizable, reflecting each person’s style and preference. They are able to jump, dive forward and grab both objects and other people to hinder them – and that is enough to challenge the 25 tests available in this launch period.

The objectives of the tests are quite varied and can be either individual or in groups, such as:

  • A race in which players must avoid false doors to find their way;
  • A challenge in which it is necessary to protect or steal a tail within the time limit;
  • An obstacle climb while a mud consumes the scenery little by little;
  • A soccer match with two giant balls on the field;
  • A proof of survival to dodge blocks or giant swabs and more.
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The game selects the events based on the number of players remaining in each round until a time comes when a small selection will compete for the much desired crown. It is interesting to note that the matches are quite fast and everything is even better playing with friends, as the game allows you to form a group with four people to look for a public match. Even if the mini-games are repeated, each game has its own unique events and is fun enough to make you want to play again.


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