Check out Billie Eilish’s expensive outfit!


Billie Eilish caused a great outrage on social networks after wearing an expensive outfit from the Gucci brand.You will not believe how much she paid for it!

Billy Eilish caused a great uproar on social networks because of one of her last photos on Instagram, where several netizens noticed that the singer was wearing an expensive outfit from the Gucci brand.

Although at first glance, Billie Eilish’s outfit seemed the most casual and characteristic of her personality, it turns out that the “Bad Guy” interpreter was wearing a ‘poncho’, a scarf and some expensive Gucci brand tennis shoes.

It is worth mentioning that the approximate cost of each of these garments is: $ 980 dollars for the ‘poncho’ (20,850 Mexican pesos), $ 440 dollars for the scarf (9,360 Mexican pesos) and $ 1,590 dollars for the tennis shoes (33,828 Mexican pesos).

Check out Billie Eilish’s expensive outfit!

This gives us a total sum of $ 64,030 Mexican pesos for her outfit, and this without counting the rest of her clothes and accessories. A small but great detail that generated all kinds of reactions and comments from Internet users.

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Although several of her followers on Instagram praised Billie Eilish’s good taste in choosing her clothes, many others criticized her for “wasting” large sums of money on this controversial outfit.

Good taste or lack of humility?

Let’s remember that this is not the first time that the singer shows her taste for prestigious brands, since on several occasions she has worn the most glamorous and innovative garments of today.

On the other hand, we have to remember that Billie Eilish has positioned herself as one of the most successful artists internationally, which is why many users have pointed out that the singer deserves to treat herself to this type of whims.

What do you think about these ‘luxuries’ that Billie Eilish has shown recently?

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