Check how you look before attending the meeting


Teleworking has become a constant for many people during the pandemic. Getting a good microphone to guarantee listening or a webcam has been the key for many who have turned their living room into a meeting room. For everything to go well, you first have to prepare your team, but sometimes things can turn out worse than expected. That’s why it’s important to use the new Google Meet feature to prepare for your meeting before you start.

New device verification on Google Meet

When you launch a new telecommunications application, everything must be connected and ready. No device should be left without connecting or selecting, so before entering a room you must verify that everything will work as planned. At least that is what is important, since unforeseen events are always lurking, such as an Internet crash or an unexpected call.

But in normal conditions you just have to do a few simple checks like the ones that Google Meet will let you do. According to 9to5Google, the Mountain Viewers will launch a feature to check your devices before starting an online meeting. This new capacity will put at your disposal a preview of how your webcam looks and just below the different multimedia devices that you must choose. Microphone, speakers and camera are the ones that you can modify, as long as the application recognizes them for use.

Once the pertinent checks have been made, you will only have to enter the room and wait for the rest of the members. The good thing about this function is that you will even hear the sound coming through the microphone, a good test to know if everything is heard well and the voice capture device.

Check your permissions before starting

One of the things that you should keep in mind before starting any application that captures video and audio from your computer is the permissions. The current conditions of the applications ask users for their consent to use these devices so that you can communicate. Every app of this type requests it and Google Meet is no less, so before starting the chat, check first the status of the permissions of these devices.


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