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We are in the middle of a pandemic, but even so today the reason that Spain is paralyzed until well into noon will be another. Because today, Tuesday, December 22, the 2020 Christmas Lottery draw is held. And for a few chosen ones, this is going to be a memorable day. From 9 in the morning right now until noon, the almost entire attention of the country is going to be in the lottery.

And if you don’t want to see the entire draw and only know if the number you have played is awarded or not, this is how you can check if you have received something in the Christmas Lottery draw with these websites and applications:

Webs to check the Christmas number

The most classic websites to check your 2020 Christmas Lottery number are once again the state’s own Lottery and Betting websites. Both in The Christmas Lottery and in Lotteries and Betting you will find the results of the draw updated in real time at the same time that you can enter your 2020 Christmas Lottery number to check if you have touched something.

You can also enter the main page of AS, where at the top you will find a search engine where you can check the number of the draw.

Apps to know if you have been hit by ‘Fat’

If you want, you can also do it through applications. Here you have a series of Android and iOS apps to check live and direct if your 2019 Christmas Lottery number has a prize, including some such as the lottery scanner that tells you the result simply by pointing the mobile camera to the tenth in yes:

Amazon Alexa

Amazon’s AI assistant for its smart speakers can also give you a hand with the Lottery, since with this My Lottery skill you can check the results of the lottery draws in Spain. You will be able to consult the National Lottery, La Bonoloto, el Gordo, Primitiva and the Euromillions of the day you want in real time, including Christmas draws such as the Extraordinary Christmas Draw on December 22, or the Extraordinary Draw of the Child of January 6th.

The Fat Christmas

The First Prize, popularly known as El Gordo, will distribute 4,000,000 euros to the series, the second prize will be 1,250,000 euros to the series, the third will distribute 500,000 euros to the series. The two fourth prizes will be 200,000 euros for the series. Finally, the eight fifth prizes, 60,000 euros to the series:

1st prize or the ‘Gordo’: 4,000,000 euros
2nd prize: 1,250,000 euros
3rd prize: 500,000 euros
4th prize: 2 prizes of 200,000 euros
5th prize: 8 prizes of 60,000 euros
Pedrea: 1,794 prizes of 1,000 euros
Numbers before and after the 1st prize: 2 prizes of 20,000 euros
Numbers before and after the 2nd prize: 2 prizes of 12,500 euros
Numbers before and after the 3rd prize: 2 prizes of 9,600 euros
Hundreds of 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize: 297 prizes of 1,000 euros
Hundreds of the 4th prize: 198 prizes of 1,000 euros
With the last two figures of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes: 297 prizes of 1,000 euros
Reimbursement: 9,999 prizes of 200 euros


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