Cheaters Will Be Banned Forever From Battlefield 2042 Without Notice


Battlefield 2042: EA DICE advises: it will hunt down any cheat system in Battlefield 2042 and there will be no temporary cheat bans – all will be permanent. With just a few days to go before the Battlefield 2042 open beta kicks off, DICE has already shown that they seem committed to ending bad behavior, but also cheating. As announced, cheaters will be permanently banned from the shooter, but they will also do so without prior notice.

In a post dedicated especially to how they will deal with this type of toxic behavior, the Swedish study has ensured that they have a really simple anti-cheat system, and that once they are detected, they will be expelled from the game for life, as we said before, without prior notice.

A proven system

This system has previously been used successfully in other EA games such as Apex Legends or Star Wars Squadrons, although that does not mean that DICE has not asked the community for help. Quite the contrary, since they have asked all players to detect others breaking the rules of the game to report them immediately through EA Help. After this, players who report cheats will be notified that the report has been received, as well as whether action has been taken against the cheater in question. As we saw a few days ago, it will also be possible to report toxic behaviors, which can lead to a temporary ban, unless it is something continuous, which will lead to a permanent ban.


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