Chaves leaves SBT after 36 years due to end of contract


It is the end of an era that has lasted since 1984. After 36 years on the air by Silvio Santos, the series Chaves will leave SBT. Chapolin and Chespirito – known in Brazil as “Clube do Chaves” – will also no longer be shown. The cause would be the end of the contract with Televisa.

The last episodes were broadcast on Friday (31), at 14h15. The channel even issued an official note to explain the casualties in the programming grid. The broadcaster’s top leadership would have been taken by surprise with the change in what had been signed with the Mexican conglomerate, according to the NaTelinha website.

SBT detailed that the notification about the station not showing the series would have arrived from Televisa only last Wednesday (29), with the justification of a pending problem with the rights holder of the stories.

“The information reached the broadcaster last Wednesday, by notification from Televisa, a Mexican broadcaster that owns the rights to the work produced, in which it informs that the suspension is due to a pending problem to be resolved with the rights holder of the stories. The airing of the series Chaves, Chapolin and Chespirito would be guaranteed until 7/31/2020, with the possibility of renewal between the parties, which verbally had been confirmed. However, the denial of the deal with the intellectual rights group over the stories came just a few days before the end of the contract. SBT regrets the decision, mainly out of respect for its audience, which has faithfully followed the series for so many years. The broadcaster continues to support an agreement between the two Mexican companies as soon as possible and, if this happens, we will be pleased to inform the fans of Chaves, Chapolin and Chespirito immediately. ”

In place of Chaves, the channel will pass reruns from other series, such as The Big Bang Theory and Patrulha Salvadora.

Fight between Grupo Chespirito and Televisa

Despite being in need of renewal, SBT was unable to renew with Televisa due to an impasse between the Mexican broadcaster and Grupo Chespirito. Led by Roberto Gómez Fernández – son of Bolaños -, the company revised the agreement with the broadcaster that produced the classics – before, the deadline would expire on December 31 of this year.

His intention was to play other projects with his father’s work. That is, it would not be strange if there is a remake of the series in the future, for example. The soap operas, on the other hand, remain on the grid of Silvio Santos’ network.

Multishow and Prime Video also withdraw series

The “blackout” of the Chespirito series was total on Brazilian TV and in several other countries around the world. In the national territory, not only will SBT stop transmitting them, but Multishow will also need to remove them.

In streaming, Amazon Prime Video had the rights to display them on demand, but it has also already excluded from the platform all content related to the work created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños.

Even Las Estrellas – an ethnic channel linked to Televisa and available in Brazil – will no longer be able to show Chaves and Chapolin in its grid.


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