Chasing Static: PS1 horror game announced for console


Chasing Static was recently announced for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S / X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch. Despite reaching for the latest generation consoles, the game can convey an air of nostalgia for some players for bringing a PlayStation 1 aesthetic and graphics.

The horror game is developed by Headware Games and published by Ratalaika Games, which has already been announced for PC via Steam and is expected to launch in video games for the third quarter of 2021.

Headware Games founder Nathan Hamley comments that Chasing Static is his attempt to honor the classics of the PlayStation 1 era, using a visual style that resumes at the time while introducing ideas compatible with the new generation. He reinforces that the old console received many horror games that impressed him and even caused him to have some nightmares.

The story of the game also draws attention for classic elements of terror. Chris Selwood, the protagonist, drives at night on a dark road through the storm in any city in Wales. When Chris stops at a roadside restaurant, Chris finds a waitress killed by something with bright eyes. The protagonist of the game passes out and begins his frightening exploration upon waking.

The player must explore a rural region that has a mysterious facility that appears to have affected local residents. Exploration is not linear, the player is free to get to know the place and continue to discover the story little by little as he comes into contact with the puzzles. Chasing Static lasts approximately 2 hours and the main gameplay element is an anomaly monitoring device used by the protagonist.

The game has a trailer of just over a minute in which you can check out a lot of aesthetics and even a little gameplay. To better check the gameplay, you can download the demo available for PC on Steam from this address.

In the part of minimum requirements, for bringing a low poly aesthetic (with low polygon count) the game is light. The game can be run even with older hardware, requiring at least an i5 2300 or AMD FX-6120 processor. The video card can also be more modest, a GTX 550 Ti already does the job.


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