Charming Rihanna on the cover of fashion magazine!


Young singer Rihanna is sublime for the cover of Essence magazine! We’ll give you more details. Singer Rihanna is on the cover of a famous fashion magazine!

The young singer is very discreet about her projects. Indeed, unlike other stars in the field, Rihanna is not the type to reveal everything!

So when the young woman publishes one of her novelties, the fans are more than delighted. Lately, the pretty Barbadian has surprised her thousands of followers with a new photo on Instagram.

Indeed, Rihanna shared on the social network the cover of a famous fashion magazine, Essence! And the young woman is on the front page of the January / February 2021 issue.

The pretty brunette has therefore posed for the cover of the magazine. She will have her picture taken by the famous photographer Lorna Simpson.


And the least we can say is that Lorna Simpson captivated all the beauty of our Huey. Indeed, Rihanna appears as a goddess in the photo.

Her blue makeup over the eyes makes her look even more captivating than it already is! The pretty brunette stares at the goal with determination.

I must admit that her gaze would melt more than one! In the photo we can not see more than Rihanna’s face and neck.

The latter wears a superb diamond necklace. We also discover her very pretty tattoo on the collarbone!

In fact, on her Instagram account, the pretty singer shares several photos of her shoot. It must be said that Lorna Simpson did a remarkable job!

Indeed, the pretty Barbadian is sublime. Besides, her fans are of the same opinion!

Posting her cover on Instagram garnered over 1,252,000 likes in just a few hours! Just that.


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