Charming Pokémon Emerald Fan Animation — Pixel-perfect Nostalgia


A new digital fan art for Pokémon Emerald has been published on Reddit, and its pixelated colorful style evokes nostalgia among longtime fans of the franchise. Pokemon community art is often distributed through social media, and countless impressive works of art based on the famous Japanese franchise have been created over the years. A recent example of this creativity appeared just this week in the form of a DIY pendant lamp inspired by Pokemon.

Pokémon is one of the most popular gaming franchises: since its debut in the mid–1990s, more than 100 main and additional games have been released on IP. However, perhaps the most recognizable and memorable games came in the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance generation, when such hits as Pokémon Red and Green, Pokémon Yellow and Pokémon Emerald were released. Released immediately after Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, Emerald borrowed many mechanics and basic elements from previous games, while adding various features and improving visual effects with the help of devices such as animated Pokemon sprites. While modern games have become known for their interesting 3D Pokemon designs, the use of classic 2D pixel graphics continues to inspire fans to create unique retro art.

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Some of this retro magic has been recreated with short animations from Reddit user itzaspace. The plot follows a female character as she rides her bike uphill, recalling the basic mechanics of cycling from Pokémon Emerald. As she drives by, various Pokemon can be observed, including Jigglypuff, Wingall and Pokemon starter Hoenn Mudkip. The looped GIF file is depicted in a classic pixelated style, very reminiscent of the graphics from the original game.

This work from itzaspace is proof that not all fan art needs to be very detailed or realistic to be worthwhile. While photorealistic Pokemon art, such as the creepy 3D model of Gengar, will always be impressive and visually interesting, creations such as itzaspace can greatly quench nostalgia. Even for those who have never played Pokémon Emerald, this part is aesthetically pleasing. It also gives modern players an idea of what pixel graphics can achieve in the new Pokémon game, as the art style has evolved beyond the simple colors and limited animation of earlier Pokémon series games.

Looking at this fan-made creation, some players may be disappointed that the Pokémon franchise seems to have abandoned this vibrant and charming art style in favor of more modern 3D graphics. Although it’s a matter of preference, the stylish, enthusiastic graphics of the Pokémon Emerald era will always be iconic and memorable and will likely continue to play a role in the direction of 3D art for future games in the series.