Charmed: Krista Vernoff reveals reason for her departure


Krista Vernoff, current showrunner for Gray’s Anatomy and Station 19, has already had to make difficult decisions throughout her career involving her own participation in the Charmed series.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the screenwriter and producer revealed her reasons for leaving Charmed’s team, a series launched in the late 1990s by The WB, now The CW.

According to her, there was the perception that the narrative was trying to please a certain type of audience, losing its essence over time. “I wanted to participate in Charmed because it was a series about female power,” recalled the screenwriter.

But during season 5, the audience watched the dramatic arc that involved the character Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) transforming herself into a mermaid. Things started to crumble from that point on for Krista Vernoff.

“Halfway there was an episode in which Alyssa Milano appeared in a mermaid costume. This leveraged the male audience for the series. So, with each new episode, we were asked [by the channel] how we were going to leave the characters naked that week, ”she explained.

Personal motivations also affected Krista Vernoff’s decision about Charmed

As time went on, according to the screenwriter, things got pretty strange behind the scenes. The renewal of the sixth season of the series brought many reflections to the fore, but she followed her conscience and left the team.

“They talked a lot about money with me, the number kept increasing and there was a lot of pressure,” she said during the interview. “All I could think about was that I was creating something that could be very bad for the world,” she added.

At the time, Krista still had to deal with her father’s death. All of this implied for her final decision.


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