Charlotte Caniggia Shares Photo And A This Pose Can Cause Heart Attack


High voltage! “Yes I have b …” Charlotte Caniggia shares photo and a this pose can cause heart attack. The media once again set her Instagram on fire and left her followers with her mouth open.

With her emergence in the media, she quickly became one of the most media girls in Argentina. Accustomed to the exhibition since its birth, due to the great popularity of her father, former soccer player Claudio Paul Caniggia, Charlotte decided to make her own way in the entertainment of our country, and has been doing so by leaps and bounds.

Mariana Nannis’ daughter has been demonstrating her full potential in Dancing for a Dream 2019, the program conducted by Marcelo Tinelli where she participated again after a few years. With some sentences passed, Charlotte evidenced that she is one of the strongest participants in the most famous dance contest in the country.

The media managed to win repeatedly in the popular “telephone”, where after some couples are saved by the jury and the BAR, those who had the worst performances must go through the public vote, to see who will finally stay in the program that is broadcast through the Channel Thirteen screen and who will leave it.

This Sunday afternoon, Charlotte shared in her Instagram stories a video that left all her followers with her mouth open, where she showed herself with a very sensual outfit. “Yes, this outfit suits me,” said the young woman in a new publication that broke the hearts of her fans who have followed her for years with great fidelity.

The media has been involved in a great family drama that involves their parents and their scandalous separation. However, she did make statements about the compromise between Claudio Paul and Sofía Bonelli. “It’s a chamuyo. I will not give an opinion, but nobody can believe it, nor do they believe it. Maybe when you grow up you get like this, ”Charlotte said with no hair on her tongue.

Cleаrly, things аre on the rise for Charlotte. Fаns wishing to see more of the beаuty should follow her instagram.

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