Charlize Theron wants star in LGBTQ + Hard to Kill reboot


Charlize Theron, protagonist of Mad Max: Fury Road, in an interview with Vanity Fair, reinforced that he wants to play a woman who does everything to save his wife in an LGBTQ + reboot of Duro de Matar, a franchise originally starring Bruce Willis. The suggestion was given by a Twitter user and shared by the actress, who was very excited.

“Yeah, I mean, it’s a great idea. That’s why I posted it on my Twitter, because I just thought it was brilliant. I was, like, ‘this needs to happen’. As for the fact that it would be two women, I thought: ‘Yes, put me in that,’ “said Theron, whose trajectory already includes characters from minority groups.

In 2017, for example, Charlize played Lorraine Broughton in Atomic, MI6 agent who had a relationship with the late James Gascoigne and became romantically involved with Frenchwoman Delphine Lasalle during her mission in Berlin.

In addition, in Netflix’s The Old Guard (2020), there is unconfirmed evidence that Andy (his role) and Quynh (Ngô Thanh Vân) would be more than just immortal colleagues, according to information from Image Comics, who would have had access to the original footage material.

Redefining genders

Duro de Matar, launched in 1988, revolutionized the action genre by replacing the classic muscular protagonist with an ordinary policeman, John McClane (Bruce Willis), who was supposed to save his wife and colleagues alone from a group of thieves who are going on by terrorists.

In total, the franchise had four sequences, but the last released, Duro de Matar – A Good Day to Die (2013), had a negative public reception, suggesting the wear of the formula.

Bruce Willis immortalized the franchise that redefined the action in theaters.
Bruce Willis immortalized the franchise that redefined the action in theaters.
Source: Reproduction

Finally, Charlize Theron has a date set to reappear in theaters in Fast and Furious 9, in which she will reprise her role as the antagonist Cipher. The film hits theaters on May 28.


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