Charlie Vickers Teases What to Expect from Sauron in the Second Season of “Rings of Power”


Just two months ago, Charlie Vickers was completely unknown — he played a completely new character in the most expensive series in the history of television — “The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power”. Since then, thanks to the fact that he played the most mysterious character in Middle-earth, he became a star, got on the covers of magazines and attracted the attention of the right people. You can call him the breakthrough star of 2022 to rule them all.Rings Of Power

In Rings of Power, he plays Halbrand, a dashing young man with a dark past. In the first episode, he saved the fierce elven warrior Galadriel when she was thrown into the sea in the middle of a storm. There was a feeling that he was one of the main characters of the show. But during the course of the series, the shadow lengthened around him, and he began to behave suspiciously. By last week’s finale, the cat was completely thrown out of the bag: Halbrand is actually the dark Lord Sauron in disguise.

Since fans are already looking forward to the second season (filming of which has recently begun), we met with Vickers through Zoom to find out as much as possible about what’s yet to come.

Hi, Charlie, you’ve had a pretty busy week!

” Yes, it was! I did some interviews this morning, and then I went to the gym, went to a cafe and did a little work on the scenes that I will shoot next week for the second season.”

Now everyone knows that you are Sauron, do strangers approach you?
“Yes, they are shouting, kill him! [laughs] No, it hasn’t happened yet, but anyone who has said something has always been very nice.”

When did you find out you were Sauron?

“It was half of the filming. They took me to the set in the Northern Wasteland, which Galadriel discovers in the first episode. Orcs are stuck in the walls. It’s disgusting. They took me there and they didn’t call out to me or anything, they just said: “This is your kingdom, you’ve been hanging around here—you’re Sauron.” And I was like, “holy shit!”

Did you have a suspicion?

“Morfid [Clark, who plays Galadriel] and I have both been theorizing from the very beginning. We took chemical tests together a couple of times, and we thought, “Something’s going on here.” I auditioned for the role of Satan from Paradise Lost and Richard III!”

Looking back at the first season, it becomes clear that Adar, played by Joseph Mole, almost recognizes Sauron in Halbrand…

“Yes, Joseph and I have worked very hard to create this story, and this is something we will see more of in the second season. We see the time of Adar and Sauron and how they first united. However, at some point Adar will have to apologize [for what he did in the first season].”

What about the connection between Sauron and the Stranger played by Daniel Weyman?
“I’m not sure Sauron knows that Istar [the Stranger] was sent from Valinor. We know [from Tolkien’s writings] that they were sent to the Second Epoch [when the Rings of Power unfold]. Blue Wizards have been dispatched, and for the record, I’m not sure if the Stranger is Gandalf. I know everyone thinks that, but I really don’t know. Of course, he has a few lines that reflect what Gandalf says [in Peter Jackson’s film trilogy], but I really don’t know. I don’t think Sauron doesn’t know about it yet. Maybe he felt some anxiety when [the Stranger] made an emergency landing [in the first episode]. Perhaps he felt something, because, of course, the Stranger is also Maya. I think he will be a very dangerous opponent in the future because he is the closest to Sauron in Middle-earth in terms of strength. I hope there will be some dynamics there.”

What else can you tell us about the second season — what can we expect from Sauron?
“All I can say is that now we are getting to the heart of the matter. The world was created in the first season, and now we can immerse ourselves in knowledge. I’m talking about what underlies the “Ring of Power”: Akalabet [the fall of the kingdom of Numenor]. Sauron is there now, and there are no more questions or theories about who he is — which I think is a shame for some. We’ll be with him while he’s doing nonsense, while he’s manipulating people and fighting elves.”

Eventually, he will have to transform into the Sauron we know — would you want to wear a suit yourself?
“I’ve been thinking about it. When we move on to season five, will I have to look for another job? It’s one of those things. What were they doing at the Mandalorian [when Pedro Pascal took off his helmet]?”

I think it’s more like Obi-Wan Kenobi when Hayden Christensen dressed up as Darth Vader after playing Anakin Skywalker.…
“I would like to do that. I’d like to play in a costume, even if it’s just a prosthetic, and not the famous big Sauron costume [from the movies]. There are so many cool things our Sauron can be at this stage. I saw his interpretations when he was deformed, and artists’ drawings when he could no longer take his beautiful form [in the image of Halbrand]. I love it. So, fingers crossed, I can get more time on the show!”

Tell us about the promised two-part battle we’ll get next season…

” I haven’t read this yet. I think it will happen towards the end of the season. We only have the first three scripts, three episodes. But [showrunners J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay] told me about it, and it’s very exciting. It’s best in laura. If you go into the apps, you will see what should happen. I think it’s going to be pretty epic.”

The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power” is now streaming on Prime Video


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