Charlie Savage Is Undergoing Treatment Before Moving to Forest Green


Manchester United star Charlie Savage is undergoing treatment before a proposed move to Forest Green.

This is reported by Football Insider, who claims that the Welshman will join the first league club before the end of the season.

All the formalities have already been taken care of, and it’s only a matter of time before Savage becomes a Forest Green player.

Savage made an impression during Manchester United’s pre-season tour and came on as a second-half substitute when the Red Devils defeated Liverpool 4-0 at the Centenary Cup in Bangkok.

In that match, he showed maturity and composure, even when faced with senior Liverpool midfielders like Fabinho struggling to get close to him.

His partnership with Zidane Iqbal, who may also go on loan before the transfer window closes, has been fruitful and the pair are known to be good friends.

They have come through the United academy together and form a good midfield combination whenever they have played in the under-21 team.

A left-footed, intelligent and determined passer, the 19-year-old is completely unlike his father Robbie Savage and hopes to achieve more success.

At the moment, Charlie Savage will earn his awards in senior football in the first league.

It will not be an easy climate for the youngster, as Forest Green is last in the table, although it is a tough competition.

The newly promoted team, currently without a manager, has struggled this season and will be hoping their rookie will help turn the tide.

Despite the fact that Forest Green will play in the second half of their campaign, Eric ten Hag will closely monitor the budding young midfielder.


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