Charlie Heaton and Winona Ryder are very close


In an interview with GQ magazine, Winona Ryder did not fail to praise Charlie Heaton (Stranger Things)!

Very close in the Stranger Things series , Winona Ryder aka Joyce Byers is also very close to Charlie Heaton. As a reminder, the latter embodies his son in the series. In an interview with Sam Schube, a journalist for GQ magazine, the actress did not fail to dry up the young man’s praise.

This Tuesday, February 25, the journalist published his interview on his Twitter account. At first, Charlie Heaton (Stranger Things) also revealed about his friend: “I felt an immediate and deep connection with Charlie. Which was surprising. Because it often takes time to build that kind of bond with the person you work with . ”

The Stanger Things actress also told Sam Schube: “I think it was mainly due to the fact that he is very open as an actor, emotionally and with his approach (…) We knew each other at sentence. But a few days after the shooting, I felt like he was my child , she added. And that I could go anywhere with him ” .

Winona Ryder (Stranger Things) also added : “It is a kind of naked feeling to feel vulnerable with someone. But with Charlie, everything was there. It is pure confidence . I also felt like we were sheltering when we needed it. Which, in my case, was often ” .

Pretty words that are sure to please Charlie Heaton (Stranger Things) . It would seem that the series are getting closer. As a reminder, the actor is also a couple in real life with Natalia Dyer (Nancy Wheeler). The two lovebirds also spin perfect love. And this for a while now. Very discreet about their romantic relationship, they appear together during big days.


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